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transcending generations and boundaries

The Knowledge
Mostafa Serour

That’s just me. M.Sc. in IT and BA in German Literature/Germanistik. I use my knowledge to manage my family’s equity.

The Team

I believe, that beside every successful person works a very successful team. I am lucky and blessed to be able to work with and get the advice from senior and young experts.

The Teachings

The code for humanity transcends generations and cultures. Transtextco.de is a family endeavour to serve and contribute to our community and businesses.



Brand Codes is a 360 Media and Marketing agency based in Cairo, Egypt. Working with young individuals and enterprises to integrate technology, enterprise excellence and corporate governance to become global players.


This space is reserved for a special project soon to be announced.

Platz für ein besonderes Projekt, das noch in Verhandlung ist.


Coming soon money-on-point.com

Corresponding to global challenges we consider the United Nations SDGs in our solutions (soon you can find out more here)

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